BBS_images1Badger Bonsai Society subscribes to three Bonsai Magazines Bonsai Focus, Bonsai Journal of American Bonsai Society, and Bonsai and Stone Appreciation Publication of Bonsai Clubs International. I just received the Bonsai and Stone Appreciation Magazine, looking it over I see it has changed quite a lot from last month, first it has more information packed inside, outstanding photos and more individual orientated. There is a good article on shaping a yamadori Chinese Juniper collected from the Jade Mountains in Taiwan. A nice suiseki collection of stones collected from China.Italy and the US. I was most impressed with a photo essay of the Huangshan Mountains in China. This is a good magazine and I will bring it with others like it for you to look at and check out also take a look at some of the books. They are packed with information on potting and soils and tools and many other useful tips and techniques for improving your bonsai, at the very least the photos are inspiring. Check out magazines, books, and videos from our library. –Greg

BBS_images2Members of BBS are allowed to check out books for the club’s ever-growing library. Please contact Greg Griffin, at to request a certain title be brought to a meeting.

Book List

by: Chan, Peter

by: Roger, Alan

“Bonsai ’75”

by: Jarvis, John

“Bonsai Basics”

by: Pessey, Christian

“Bonsai For Indoors”
by: Brooklin Botanic Gardens

“Bonsai Home Handbook”
by: Tomlinson, Harry

“Bonsai Ideas”
by: Mann, Marty

“Bonsai In California V. 9”
by: Cal. Bonsai Society

“Bonsai- Its Art, Science, History And Philosophy”

by: Koreshoff, Deborah

“Bonsai Life Histories”

by: Treasure, Martin

“Bonsai- Past, Present, And Future”
by: Valavanis, W.

“Bonsai- The Art And Technique”

by: Young, Dorothy

“Chinese Bonsai”
by: Lesniewicz, Ilona

“Forest Trees Of Wisconsin”
by: Wi. Dept. Of Natural Resources

“Growing Bonsai”
(4 Issues)
by: U.S. Dept. Of Ag.

“Handbook On Bonsai”
by: Brooklin Botanic Gardens

“Handbook On Dwarfed Potted Trees”
by: Brooklin Botanic Gardens

“Keep Your Bonsai Perfectly Shaped”

by: Gustafson, Herb

“Artistic Pot Plants”
by: Man Lung

“Outstanding American Bonsai”
by: Clark, Randy

“Practical Bonsai For Beginners”

by: Murata, Kenji

“The Bonsai Art Of Kimura”
by: Onishi, Katsuhito

“The Bonsai Workshop”
by: Gustafson, Herb

“The Living Art Of Bonsai”
by: Liang, Amy

“Ueno Parks 1948”

“Ueno Parks 1952”

“Yosei-Ue (Groves)”

by: Kato